Apple Watch heart rate monitor showing wrong health data, claims a study

by Ashish

A study found that the heart monitoring feature on Apple Watch may lead you to unwanted health care visits. Heart rate monitoring on Apple Watch measures your pulse rate and alerts you in case your heartbeat goes high than normal. But a recent report suggests that this feature may sometimes mislead you and show you alert notification even when your heart rate is normal, causing users to panic and rushing to a doctor.

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Apple recently launched its Apple Watch Series 6 with a new Blood Oxygen monitoring feature which is used to calculate the amount of oxygen in the blood. Apple Watch already comes with many sensors like heart rate monitoring, ECG tracking, sleep tracking, and many other health-related features. These sensors are capable of doing your health checkup directly at your home without visiting a doctor.

study was conducted on 264 patients, among them, only 41 (15.5%) noted an abnormal pulse rate. 58 (22%) people were already diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and almost half of the patient was having a cardiac diagnosis. In the study, about two-thirds of the patients were having symptoms such as lightheadedness and chest pain.

The study concluded that only 30 patients got a cardiac diagnosis after a visit for healthcare and most of the heart monitor data was false. The data shows that the heart rate monitor can sometimes mislead the users causing them trouble. They could cause patients to take unnecessary health checkups and also cause stress and anxiety.

Although the smartwatches are capable of taking a health assessment tests directly at your home but, they are not as accurate as of the actual medical equipment. It seems that users cannot fully rely on health data measured by their Apple Watch. The company needs to make some upgrades and changes in its AI and hardware capabilities for accurate health data measurement.

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