Apple WWDS 2021: Here’s how to watch livestream and what to expect (iOS 15)

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, is scheduled to take place today at 10 a.m. PT North American time. The latest developer conferences, their competitors Google and Microsoft, and actually existing in 2021 are this year’s virtual event behind the ongoing global pandemic.

The good news for Apple development, fans, and followers alike is that switching to a virtual presentation means that for free you can get to know Apple’s keynote presentations and development sessions, as well as get very large discounts on a regular ticket priced at $ 1,599 should the conference take place.

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How to watch WWDC 2021

This year is very interesting, so you will definitely come back and see Monday.

In fact, should be available to kick off today, at 10 am GMT, which means they are on the east coast, it can be set to 1pm ET.

Last year Apple may have made for fans, you can control its theme on YouTube, and you can follow it on Apple’s YouTube channel, as this year’s transition to a new, live stream, internal above, is for your convenience. However, it’s best to bring you all the news actually available to Apple, this is after the Apple event, where the company will be live-streaming its main presentation this year.

The live stream will also be available in the Apple TV app on Apple hardware, and on the web via an Apple Developer website if you are a registered developer.

What to expect at WWDC 2021

In fact, existing ones are usually Apple’s software, and this year won’t be any different. Apple is likely to announce its next operating system revision of some of its major platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and more.

With these releases, Apple could once again be doubling down on its privacy push following the launch of the App Tracking Transparency feature that debuted on iOS 14. A new privacy menu may be coming to iOS 15, along with changes to how notifications are displayed and managed, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The company is also said to be working on an overhaul to its iMessage platform, and its Health app could gain the ability to track food, which would make it competitive with third-party apps like MyFitnessPal.

On the tab, iPadOS tablets, which may result in significant visual inspection of the iPad. Use iPadOS 15 to finally place widgets in any situation on your home screen, making it a more versatile desktop for your needs.

And those who need a desktop for their own needs, and a Mac that has received a great number of Olympic jumps. After that, Apple still retained the OS X brand, a year ago the company passed Os 11, with the release of Big Sur. This year, the platform will get a bump, up to 12. It’s not yet clear what’s in store for us this year, but unlike last year’s Os 11 transition pass for Mac Os 12, it’s marginally released, Bloomberg reports.

For Mac owners, but the big news will be the most popular. If there are any hardware announcements at the rare Apple-focused development conference at the time, there are widespread rumors that a new model of the MacBook Pro could be, for the first time, it seems, at the show this year.

Ahead of WWDC, there were rumors that Apple may introduce new models of the MacBook Pro and MacBook with a 14-to 16-inch screen. In addition, the updated 13-inch display package of the “MacBook Pro with M1 processor” that was launched late last year is expected to feature major design changes. It has been suggested that Apple could remove the touchpad in favor of a more traditional function button, with revisions to revert to the MagSafe HDMI-input adapter ports and again to the SD card reader.

Powering the new laptops could be a new, revised M1X processor, according to Bloomberg, featuring a 10-core heterogeneous processor design with eight high-performance and two high-efficiency cores and integrated graphics with either 16 or 32 GPU cores.

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