Apple’s Nest and iPod co-designer Tony Fadell joined the board of processor designer Arm

Tony Fadell, the former vice president of Apple, known as the “father of the iPod”, does not seem to have plans to retire in the near future. Fadell now joins the board of semiconductor company Arm after selling the company he founded to Google. He officially joined Arm’s board on Thursday to help the company improve processor designs as Arm expands its technology into more areas than just smartphones, CNET reported.

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In fact, Tony Fadell’s history at Arm goes back a long way before this new role, as he pushed for the use of Arm chips in the iPod and iPhone, for example.¬†Later, Apple discovered that the Arm architecture is really good, so it is now used in processors like the latest M1 and M2.

The primary reason Fadell prefers Arm over other designs is its focus on low power consumption. He believes that performance cannot be sacrificed for poor battery life. Now that the main constraint on PCs and servers is also power consumption, Arm’s focus on low power is even more important, Fadell said.

Apple Tony Fadell In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, the executive said he hopes to bring Arm “a more systems-level mindset” when considering “the end consumer.” Arm CEO Rene Haas invited Fadell to work with Arm, who introduced Fadell as a new board member at the 2022 Web Summit in Lisbon, which also featured two Apple executives as speakers.

It’s unclear what job Tony Fadell will do at Arm, but it’s believed he will be the link that deepens the ties between Apple and Arm. In 2020, Apple announced that the Mac will gradually transition from Intel processors to its own Apple Silicon, and Apple is expected to release a series of MacBook Pros and Mac Pro/mini based on M2-derived chips in the first quarter of next year.


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