Apple’s self-service repair program will be operated by third party

Just a few days ago Apple announced that it would provide parts, tools, and repair manuals to individual consumers starting with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 in what is called a “self-repair program.” The program will allow customers to obtain original Apple parts and equipment for equipment repair.

According to the MacRumors report, Apple provided more details about the program, including a repair manual that will be available on the Apple Support website, confirming that customers can check the order location before ordering self-repair parts. Apple’s memo also stated that its online parts store would be operated by an unspecified third party.


Although no official reason was provided, logically speaking, it would be easier for Apple to outsource transportation and receipt of parts to customers.

Announcing the plan last week, Apple said its self-repair is aimed at “technicians with knowledge and experience in repairing electronic equipment”, adding that the initial phase of the plan will focus on general repairs, Such as replacing the iPhone display, battery, or camera.


Apple’s self-service repair plan has been praised by supporters of the “right to repair” movement, but there are still some skeptics. Apple said in the memo that as soon as the plan is launched, more details will be shared.

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