AutoNavi Maps officially released on-board truck navigation

On April 15, AutoNavi Maps declared that after the launch of the mobile version of truck navigation in 2017, it officially launched the onboard truck navigation solution.

Through the front-loading and rear-loading partners, the exclusive navigation tailored for the freight scene is loaded into the truck to help the digital upgrade of the freight industry.


Currently, the data of AutoNavi’s truck navigation has covered all the cities with restricted traffic in China, and it is updated in real-time according to local policies. It integrates real-time traffic dynamics such as traffic police, AutoNavi big data and public transportation data.

AutoNavi’s truck navigation can be intelligent for truck drivers. Plan routes to avoid road sections such as forbidden trucks, height restrictions, width restrictions, and weight restrictions to reduce the probability of truck violations.

In response to the daily scenes of truck drivers, AutoNavi Car Truck Navigation cooperates with major logistics sites to launch refined navigation functions within the logistics park.

Cooperates with parking lots to enrich offline parking resources suitable for trucks; through Get dynamic fuel price information with fuel supplier companies, allowing truck drivers to view diesel gas stations with one click.

High moral map for the truck driving scene, providing richer content security alert truck drivers, including in front of steep slopes, sharp turns, lane narrowing, vehicle import, continuous turning, falling rocks, and other information.

When truck drivers travel in a group, fleet management and location sharing can be conveniently carried out through AutoNavi’s in-vehicle truck navigation. Through the teaming function, drivers can check the location of their companions.

Through the built-in intercom function, the truck driver can also communicate with a certain range of Teammates in the team to talk in real-time to avoid the risk of phone calls.

As reported, that in addition to basic vehicle navigation, AutoNavi can also provide solutions with multiple combinations of AR navigation and ADAS safety reminders in order to adapt to the hardware environment and needs of different partners.


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