‘Battlefield 6’ will enter Microsoft XGP game library alongside its release

Recently, the game masterpiece “Battlefield 6” to be released in 2021 is expected to enter XGP on the day of release. Microsoft has recently been vigorously developing its game subscription service Xbox Game Pass.


With the continuous advancement of game subscription services, more and more well-known games choose to join the XGP game library on the day of the game’s release date special Ed, a well-known game industry news source, revealed in a recent live broadcast:

Although the name of “Battlefield 6” is not mentioned, and the FPS masterpieces listed in the fall are not only the Battlefield series but also “Call of Duty” under Activision.

However, according to the recent cooperation between Activision and Sony, it is more likely that the Battlefield series will be launched on XGP.

As reported, “Battlefield 6” has not been officially declared, but before EA said that it will launch a new battlefield in 2021, the news about “Battlefield 6” may be officially made public in May-June this year.


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