‘Call of the Wild: The Angler’ game will be released soon

A game called “Call of the Wild: The Angler” is now available on Steam and will be released soon. According to the official introduction, in this game, explore the vast and mysterious open world, find the perfect fishing spot, and enjoy the fun of fishing in open water as a single player or with friends. The minimum configuration requires GTX 780, and the recommended configuration requires GTX 1070.


Game introduction:

The world of Call of the Wild: Anglers is filled with beautiful fishing spots that can be explored on foot, by off-road vehicle, or even by boat across vast expanses of water. Travel at your own pace through a vibrant world, discovering meandering rivers, majestic mountain peaks, turquoise springs, epic hiking trails, and hidden ponds dotted throughout. Fishing will pass charming outposts and towering watchtowers, enjoy a leisurely evening on the lake, or soak up the morning sun and harvest.

Whether you’re dealing with a ferocious largemouth bass or tough mountain whitefish, in Call of the Wild: Angler you can swing easily and enjoy immersive and immersive fishing. Each fish has its own unique behavior and characteristics, and it is important to carefully consider their characteristics and make appropriate moves when swing fishing. Combined with the system settings that can truly simulate data such as water temperature, water depth, altitude, etc., it is used to determine the position of the fish, making every capture unforgettable for a lifetime.

Learn and master unique fishing skills, supplemented by appropriate strategies, to catch the most attractive catch! Use a variety of rods and combine them with a wider variety of reels, lines, floats, hooks, baits, and fish food to create a personalized set. Build your personal collection of fishing tackle and gear, meet unprecedented fishing challenges, and start the road to becoming a master.

You can play alone or with friends at any time, explore the vast open waters together, and experience the thrill of fishing in a new way. Explore the open world, meet other anglers and embark on an unforgettable adventure together.


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