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Canalys: Chromebook sales increased by a record 274.6% over last year

by Ashish

Overseas research institute Canalys today announced the first quarter of the 2021 global computer market report. In this quarter, the global computer market shipments increased by 53.1% year-on-year to 122.1 million units.

Among them, Google Chromebook has the most significant growth, with shipments of 12 million units, a year-on-year increase of 274.6%. In addition, tablet PCs grew by 51.7%, with shipments of 39.7 million units.

Canalys researchers said that Chromebooks have now become a truly mainstream computer product, and educational notebooks still account for the vast majority of shipments. But in the past year, the popularity of this notebook among ordinary consumers and business users has increased greatly.

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Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo dominated the Chromebook market before, but now Acer, Samsung, and other manufacturers have also launched similar products to gradually grab market share.

Specifically, HP Chromebook shipments accounted for 36.4%, Lenovo accounted for 25.9%, Acer accounted for 11.9%, Samsung accounted for 10%, Dell accounted for 8.4%, and other brands accounted for 7.3%.

Canalys also announced the 2021 Q1 tablet market report. The results showed that Apple’s iPad series products accounted for 38.2% of sales, ranking first. Samsung ranked second, accounting for 20.1%; Lenovo tablets accounted for 9.5%, and Amazon’s Fire tablets accounted for 8.7%.

Analysts also said that the personal computer market has experienced rapid growth before, but the continuation of the new crown epidemic will continue to make the computer market sales continue. In the future, tablet computers will see further growth due to the demand for education and commercial use.


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