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ColorOS 11 Tips: How to get Instant Translation on Oppo smartphone

by Deepanjali

Google introduced a lot of new features in the latest Android 11 and they all are installed in ColorOS 11. The features include a new gaming mode, customizable dark mode, super power-saving mode, floating window, and many more.

With ColorOS 11, you can make your own background, ringtones, and always-on-display styles. Android 10 based ColorOS 7 was the last OS version for Oppo devices. With the latest Android 11, the company has directly jumped to ColorOS 11.

One of its key features is a three-finger translation, ColorOS 7 users may have known about the partial screenshot feature, while the ColorOS 11 has improved it. Using Google translate, ColorOS can automatically translate the screenshot text for users’ convenience.



One can capture a screenshot by swiping down with three fingers and can quickly crop that screenshot without leaving the three-finger. If you are also a ColorOS 11 user do check the steps below to take advantage of the feature.

  1. Take three-finger screenshot
  2. Long press with three-finger
  3. Get a partial screenshot
  4. Tap ‘A’
  5. Translate the whole screen
  6. Slide Inward for the Sidebar
  7. Tap ‘A’
  8. Translation complete



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