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Corsair launched new ‘Championship Series’ peripheral

by RPRNA Group

On April 9, Corsair released its new “Championship Series” peripheral products that were jointly developed and tested by Corsair and the world’s top professional e-sports players.

The number one product in the “Champion Series” uses an 87-key layout of the K70 RGB TKL mechanical keyboard, combined with CORSAIR’s AXON super processing technology, and can reach an ultra-high polling rate of 8000 Hz.


Corsair K70 RGB TKL mechanical keyboard is specially designed for top hardcore players. With its AXON super processing technology, it can bring an ultra-high polling rate of up to 8000Hz that is compared with traditional gaming keyboards, can bring up to 8 times the speed of typing.

K70 RGB TKL is a compact layout with 87 keys, with a sturdy and durable iconic brushed aluminum panel, furnished with a USB-C cable that can separate the keys and wires, 8MB onboard storage space can store up to 50 sets of configuration files.

There is Cherry The original MX red shaft and silver shaft are optional, equipped with durable and comfortable PBT two-color injection molded keycaps.

The new SABRE RGB PRO gaming mouse is the result of joint development by the CORSAIR team and Team Secret, Vitality, Envy, etc., and incorporating the most advanced performance into the purest appearance.

The SABRE PRO series mouse adopts a lightweight design. The SABRE RGB PRO weighs only 74g. It utilizes a right-handed ergonomic design and is matched with a low-resistance umbrella cord wire, which can bring flexible control.

As the first mouse equipped with CORSAIR AXON super processing technology, SABRE RGB PRO can increase the transmission rate of clicks and movements by at least 8 times through an ultra-high polling rate of 8000Hz.

And the pre-press buttons processed by QUICKSTRIKE can ensure Every command of its Omron micro switch can be transmitted at the fastest speed.


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