Samsung Daily News 14: Galaxy S21 renders/S Pen, Galaxy Note 20/S20 FE issues, and more

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Welcome to RPRNA, in this article, we will cover all the latest news today about Samsung. Check the top news about Samsung below:

  • S Pen with Galaxy S21 Ultra is reportedly confirmed
  • New leaked renders of Galaxy S21
  • Galaxy Note 20 bad audio issue
  • “Screen Recorder” application for Windows 10
  • Galaxy S20 FE overheating issue

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1. S Pen with Galaxy S21 Ultra is reportedly confirmed

As the date for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 series is coming closer, there is much news regarding the smartphones that are coming to light. Similarly, this news confirms the inclusion of the S-Pen in the Galaxy S21. This means that we will be seeing the S-Pen functionality in the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the top most variant of the lineup. Read more here

2. New leaked renders of Galaxy S21

Samsung is now moving forward to introduce the new S-series flagship, the Galaxy S21. As the time of their release is approaching, several renders of the devices have been coming to light. We already saw a couple of renders for the Galaxy S21 phones and now newly surfaced renders have appeared. You can check the latest leaked renders here

3. Galaxy Note 20 bad audio issue

At the Unpacked event in August 2020, Samsung unveiled two new flagship smartphones – Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. Both of the latest smartphones of the Galaxy Note series comes with powerful hardware and software capabilities.

Despite these impressive qualities, some of the Galaxy Note 20 device buyers reported that they are facing background noise from the speaker while calling via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Check the full article here

4. “Screen Recorder” application for Windows 10

Samsung is working on a new application for Windows 10. With the help of this software, users will be able to record their screen on Windows 10. As of now, there is no such built-in application offered by Microsoft.

The company gave name to this application as ‘Samsung screen recorder’. This new software from Samsung will add one more functionality to its Windows laptop. Read more about it here

5. Galaxy S20 FE overheating issue

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE users facing several issues with this smartphone. After the touchscreen issue, it is reported for bad audio quality. So far the touchscreen issue didn’t get solved and another issue coming to light regarding the overheating problems of the Galaxy S20 FE phones which causing the smartphone to get overheated unexpectedly. Check more by clicking here

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