Disney and Sony signed film copyright agreement, more new movies will be available on Disney+


Disney and Sony Pictures reached a copyright agreement on Wednesday. Sony’s films will be available on Disney’s video channel after they are on-demand on Netflix. This cooperation brings important copyrights to Disney videos in the later stages, such as “Spider-Man”.

The two companies announced that in the future, Sony’s film works (including the Marvel character series) will be broadcast on multiple video platforms under Disney, including the main “Disney+” and Hulu, as well as Disney’s TV channel group.

This copyright cooperation will begin next year and will continue until 2026. The specific financial details have not been announced.

Chuck Saftler, a Disney executive who participated in the copyright licensing negotiations, said that this cooperation is good news for fans, who will see the two most prolific Hollywood film and television media companies on different viewing platforms.

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Currently, Sony does not have a video service. The company will soon be looking for a long-term partner to continue to provide content to consumers.

Before cooperating with Disney, Sony and Netflix reached a cooperation agreement. After Sony’s works are played in movie theaters and home purchases or leases are provided, Netflix will obtain the rights to play. This cooperation will take effect from next year, and Netflix will obtain Sony’s copyright before the Disney video is broadcast.

Starting in June next year at the earliest, Disney will acquire the rights to some of Sony’s old movies, such as “Hotel Elf” and “Game of the Brave”. In addition, this cooperation is a major push for Disney’s Hulu. Due to the expiration of some copyright agreements, the platform urgently needs to introduce new content.

Keith Le Goy, president of Sony Pictures’ global content distribution, said that this collaboration with Disney reflects Sony’s film distribution strategy, which is to maximize the value of each work. Sony will adopt A large number of partners allow more consumers to watch the works through different window periods.

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