Elon Musk tweeted against Bitcoin and its value fell 2.8%

Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted a tweet suggesting that it may part ways with the world’s largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, causing the price of Bitcoin to fall. The Bitcoin price fell by as much as 2.8% today, and the trading price as of today at 9:20 Beijing time is approximately US$37,850.

After experiencing the shock in May, the cryptocurrency field has generally stabilized this week, but today’s decline has weakened the stability of Bitcoin. In the latest tweet, Musk posted a picture showing a couple awkward and then added a heartbroken emoji next to the Bitcoin tag.

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The picture shows that the woman said: “I know I once said that if you quote a Lincoln Park song, we will break up, but now I have found another sweetheart.” The man replied: “So, in the end, it doesn’t matter at all (still the words in the Lincoln Park song).”

Now, every word and deed of Musk will trigger a shock in the price of Bitcoin. Earlier, Musk announced that Tesla would no longer accept the use of Bitcoin to buy cars due to environmental concerns, resulting in a sharp drop in the price of Bitcoin.

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