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Epic once bid US$200 million to Sony to bring 4-6 console games to PC

by Ashish

The lawsuit between Epic and Apple has been going on for many days, and the two parties have announced numerous financial data. According to the latest info, an Epic lawyer accidentally uploaded an irrelevant document to the court, showing Epic’s business communications with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Epic hopes to unite these three-game console manufacturers to introduce console exclusive games on the PC side Epic Store. It can be seen from the document that Epic hopes to introduce 4-6 “first-party” games to the PC platform at a price of 200 million US dollars. This expression is expected to be exclusive to the Sony PlayStation game console.

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Sony did not respond to this request, and Nintendo is currently waiting for a response from the other party. In addition, Epic also hopes to introduce console games from Microsoft and Nintendo. What Nintendo means is that it cannot go against the company’s traditions, so it is impossible to introduce exclusive games from Nintendo consoles to the PC.

Microsoft also opposes Epic’s request. The leader of the company’s Xbox Game Pass opposes this proposal because both have application stores on the PC side and are competitors.

The document also revealed that Microsoft’s Xbox executive Phil Spencer recently met occasionally with Valve Game’s leader G Fat (Gabe Newell) and seemed to be discussing the partnership between Microsoft and Valve.

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