Ethereum may become leading cryptocurrency leaving Bitcoin behind says Goldman Sachs

Ethereum has always been in the shadow of Bitcoin – the main cryptocurrency of the world, but in the future, everything may change: analysts at Goldman Sachs believe that Ethereum may take the place of Bitcoin. True, it is not yet clear when this might happen.

Goldman Sachs sees many factors driving the growth of Ethereum. Among them are real transactions using this cryptocurrency, and a large number of users, and the speed of implementation of new technologies.

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Currently, most decentralized finance (Defi) systems are built on the Ethereum blockchain, and most non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are purchased using this cryptocurrency. All this gives reason to think that in the future Ethereum has every chance of becoming the main cryptocurrency of the world and replacing Bitcoin.

But at the moment, both Ethereum and Bitcoin are not feeling very well: the first sank by more than 30% in a week, the second – by almost 20%. Ethereum’s capitalization is currently more than half the capitalization of Bitcoin: $ 304 billion versus $ 721 billion.


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