EU court upholds 4.1 euro Android antitrust fine on Google

Google Android antitrust fine

The European Court dismissed Google’s appeal and imposed an Android antitrust fine of 4.1 Euro on Google. It is because of some restrictions that Google made on the Android manufacturers to bring itself to the leading position.

It is done because Google imposed unlawful restrictions on the manufacturers of Android mobile devices so as to benefit its browser.

However, the EU reduces the fine from 4.34 billion euros to 4.125 billion euros, but it is still the highest amount that Google has to pay to the European court.

The commission focussed  on these three unlawful activities of Google:

  • Google wraps Search and Google Chrome with Android. The company restricts the manufacturers of Android mobile devices.
  • The second restriction is that Google can anytime cancel the license of their company if someone creates a personal copy of Google’s applications.
  • The last one relates to the sharing agreements of Google revenue from Google search and Google ads.

Google Android antitrust fine

These practices of Google reduce the competition and the choice of the consumers. As of now, the company has lost its appeal to the court. For this reason, Google has to pay an Android antitrust fine to the EU.


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