EU wants 3 major OS and 5 years of security updates for all phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3/ Flip 3 One UI 5.1 update released in Europe

Whether it’s a security patch or a major OS update, a software update is always important as it is responsible for the longer lifecycle of the device. Therefore, European legislators want to enforce every smartphone OEM to provide at least 3 major OS updates and 5 years of security patches to their smartphones.

The lawmakers further say that the latest security patch and operating system updates should reach users “at the latest two months after the public release.” If implemented, this rule could fundamentally change the way Android OEMs handle software support for their devices.


Currently, only Samsung and Google offer 5 years of security patch updates to their smartphones. While considering the major OS, Samsung promises to deliver 4 Android upgrades while Google provides 3 Android upgrades.

However, these software update policies are only implemented on the premium range smartphones of the brands. Some mid-range and budget smartphone still gets only 2 major OS and 3 years of security patches.

3 OS 5 years security updates EU

Meanwhile, the EU legislators want this to be changed so that every smartphone user could get the best functionality of their phone. A law like this could force smartphone vendors to provide longer updates not just for their premium phones but also for budget and mid-range phones.

It’s worth mentioning that if this new rule gets implemented, Samsung and Google will also have to make big changes to their respective software update policy. And. it’s going to be a big concern for companies who don’t regularly provides updates to their phones.

Via – AndroidAuthority

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