EU warns Apple to be transparent with its new ad tracking feature

Apple is preparing to launch its new ad tracking transparency feature for its devices as soon as in the early spring of this year. While the iPhone maker is already in the target of Facebook, the latest news suggests that the company has also received a warning from the EU.

EU (European Union) antitrust chief, Margarethe Vestager has warned the California tech firm to be transparent with its decision over its upcoming feature. As reported by 9to5mac, in Europe, the ad tracking comes under the proposed legislation. As per the ad tracking feature, the iPhone and iPad users will get notified if any app is tracking them.

“It is a very good thing to have a clear opt-out option. If you look at the Digital Services Act, the Digital Markets Act, these are some of the solutions we are looking at there.”

“It can be competition if it is shown that Apple is not treating its own apps in the same way,” she told Reuters in an interview on Monday.”

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As per the previous report, the social media giant, Facebook is already not agreed on this and preparing to file an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. It remains to be seen, what happens next, will Apple think over its feature and make some changes or Facebook will file an antitrust lawsuit? Stay tuned for more.

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