GAC AION Y’s first car officially rolled off production line

by RPRNA Group

Recently, GAC AION Y’s first car officially rolled off the production line, demonstrating its unmanned driving skills, and automatically launched the production line.

Officials state that the mass production of the first AION Y was off the assembly line, marking that the delivery of AION Y is just around the corner.

GAC AION Y pure electric SUV is now available for pre-sale, with a subsidy price of RMB 105,900 to RMB 149,900. This is the fourth model of the GAC Aeon family, Y is Young, representing young.


Aian Y is based on the super-dimensional design concept, the surreal appearance of Sky City, the LED headlights of Angel Wings, and a wealth of original custom personalized accessories, allowing users to customize and create personalized exclusive cars.

Ian Y has also broken the law of space. GAC Ian’s unique GEP2.0 pure electric platform makes this A-class SUV with a wheelbase of 2 meters 75, but there is room for surpassing the S-class inside.

Along with this, it is furnished with a flagship. Level ADiGO 3.0 automatic driving system, full-scenario one-button remote parking, and the world’s leading memory parking function.

The new car is equipped with magazine battery technology. Based on the design idea of ​​”preventing short circuit inside the battery cell, preventing thermal runaway after a short circuit, and preventing heat spread after thermal runaway”.

It utilizes a design similar to a safety cabin, which can effectively prevent the spread of thermally insulated runaway cells, When an abnormality in battery cell voltage or temperature is detected, it will automatically start the battery quick cooling system to cool the battery.


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