Galaxy S21 Ultra equips Samsung’s new low-power OLED, reduces power consumption by over 16%

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According to the official information, Samsung Display announced that it will launch a new OLED for low-power smartphones in 2021. The display department of Samsung has successfully commercialized new organic materials.

Samsung Display has significantly improved the luminous efficiency that can reduce power consumption by more than 16% when used in smartphones. It is worth mentioning that the new OLED has been implemented for the first time in the Galaxy S21 Ultra flagship.

As we know, the OLED screen uses organic light-emitting materials to express colors in the absence of a backlight, organic materials can emit light when energized. Accordingly, the luminous efficiency of organic materials can greatly affect the brightness, outdoor visibility, color gamut, HDR, and power consumption of the display.

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As per the info, Samsung Display has developed new organic materials to increase the moving speed of electrons in the organic material layer, thereby greatly improving luminous efficiency.

The display screen is an important component that affects the battery life of a smartphone. By reducing the power consumption of the display screen, the battery life of the smartphone can be improved.

“As display technologies such as large screens, high-speed driving, and high-resolution continue to develop year by year, the demand for low-power technologies to effectively implement them is also increasing. Based on the best material technology, we will contribute to improving the performance of new products of our customers.”Said Ji-ho Baek, head of the small and medium-sized strategic marketing division of Samsung Display.

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