Galaxy S24 plastic waste

Go green with Samsung, Galaxy S24 Series saved millions of plastic waste 

With the launch of its latest flagship series, Samsung is moving on the way to go green, as the Galaxy S24 series saved millions of plastic waste. On the celebration of Earth Day, the Korean tech giant highlights the work of young changemakers and its mission to create a more sustainable future.

Galaxy S24 saved millions of plastic waste 

As per the details, Samsung has saved millions of plastic waste by using recycled plastic in the Galaxy S24 series. The tech giant has developed Galxaxy S24 device components with recycled cobalt, rare earth elements, and steel. While the packaging box of Galaxy S24 is also made using 100% recycled paper material.

By continuously opting for sustainable alternatives, Samsung is setting a new standard for eco-conscious smartphone manufacturing. To be mentioned, with the Galaxy S24 series, Samsung has also set a goal to recover about 110 metric tons of recycled aluminum by the end of 2024.

Overall, the Galaxy S24 Series is not just about advanced features, upgraded capabilities, or cutting-edge technology, but it’s also about bringing change in the world. By reducing millions of plastic waste and promoting the use of recycled material, Samsung is setting an example for the entire smartphone industry.


Samsung says, 

  •  With the Galaxy S24 series, our goal by the end of 2024 is to help recover nearly 100 metric tons of recycled plastics, which is equivalent to 10 million empty plastic bottles.

Galaxy S24 plastic waste


Go green with Samsung, Galaxy S24 Series saved millions of plastic waste 

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