Google adds new Feature Drop splash screen with Android 12L update

Google takes good care of its customers in the element of delivering them a great experience. So for that Google roll out various new updates. And now It has just released its latest Android 12L feature drop for Pixel and foldable devices including Samsung devices too and people are seeing some new and welcome changes in the software.


New Android 12L Feature Drop, will let users see a new splash screen, telling them what’s new. As Google is releasing a number of updates to its phones, its hands are full this month. The latest feature of the Pixel 6 phones is the Drop March Security Patch and the latest version of Android 12L.

Last year in October, Android 12 was launched, it had its share of bugs. It only got worse when we found additional issues through subsequent security patches. Then, came the Android 12L, which fixed a number of affordable bugs in the software.

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Samsung Feature Drops splash screen

Now, we have the latest Android 12L feature drop and see the new splash screen that pops up when Pixel owners turn on their phones. The Pixel Tips app shows a popup that says “Your Pixel has become more useful”. Below that, they see two cards indicating two new features coming in the drop.

The first feature is the new battery widget. This widget provides information about your battery at a glance. This is useful if you want to keep an eye on your battery.

The next feature is the recently announced custom stickers feature by Google. When you use Gboard and type a phrase, you get text-based sticker instructions. If you type something like “Have a nice day”, stickers will come up with the same text.

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