Google Android 12 brings smooth audio transition between apps

Google on Tuesday showed us the biggest redesign of Android in years. The updated material design places an emphasis on customization and is appropriately referred to as “material you”. However, with the arrival of Android 12, it is not only a brand new look, Google has also made some important changes to the audio experience.

The audio focus depends on the relevant application that is playing the media. Google explained that when an application requests audio focus and another application has focus and is playing, the framework forces the playing application to fade out. This would be a nice change, because Android 12 can well fade out old video streams that have lost focus, instead of letting other apps abruptly terminate their audio streams when the user starts another session.

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The audio transition is smoother, which is one of the other audio improvements. Google said that starting from Android 12, media or game applications that use audio focus should not play audio after losing focus. Therefore, if you are listening to music and then launch a social media application, the audio you focus on that application will be prioritized, so they will not overlap each other.

Google said that new audio features will also be implemented in incoming calls. Some apps “behave abnormally” and continue to play during the call, forcing users to find and mute or exit the app to focus on their call. The improved audio function will ensure that no app continues to play when a call comes in.

The improved audio features in Android 12 are just a small part of the new features. Google’s new update is now available in the Beta version of the Beta phone. Here’s how to download it to your device.

Google vice president of engineering Dave Burke (Dave Burke) explained the new features of Android 12 in a blog, he said that the new software will introduce smoother audio transitions.

UI isn’t just about the visuals. We’ve also improved the way that audio focus is handled. When an app loses audio focus, its audio is automatically faded out, providing a smoother transition between apps which play audio, and preventing apps from playing over each other. This is particularly relevant in foldable and multi-screen Android environments.


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