Google Android 14 Weekly September 30

Google Android 14 Weekly Bulletin: Everything you need to know (September 09, 2023)

Google continues to amaze its users with new products and in case you have missed it then don’t worry as here is the Google Android 14 weekly bulletin (September 09, 2023). Here, you can grab all new changes, inputs, and details regarding the upcoming capabilities and of course the major Android upgrades.

So without any further ados, let’s begin the exploration of what the US tech giant has been baking for its users in the past few days with this Google and Android 14 weekly bulletin for September 09, 2023.

Google & Android 14 Weekly Bulletin

1. Google began this week by making some changes to the Android 14 launch event! Yes, the company has pulled back its plan by one month. Read More

2. At the same time. the company released the Android 14 Beta 5.3 fixes for Pixel devices. You can check the related information below.

3. Also, Google has officially touted the new 3D robot logo for Android and it’s just amazing. Have a look HERE.

Pixel Devices

1. Oh! The Pixel section is full of official teasers for the upcoming smartphone lineup as well as the new wearable. From showing off the overall appearance to describing the differences between the standard and Pro models, the company has made everything official and is set for an October 04 launch event.

2. While the Pixel 8 series is an extremely iconic addition to the Google smartphone family, you may have to pay more to obtain this handset. Read More

3. On the other hand, if you are thinking of purchasing the Pixel Watch 2 then you must fulfill some requirements. Know More

Application Sections

That’s not it! There is more to look into this weekly express. Yes, we are talking about the applications that are constantly grabbing new features and functionalities:

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Google Android 14 Weekly September 09

Google Android 14 Weekly Bulletin: Everything you need to know (September 09, 2023)

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