Google Chrome may display strength of your password

Google Chrome is composing a new feature that will indicate the strength of the password, that will be created by you. This feature is already available to increase the functionality of the browser, which comprises of 1Password, Dash lane, LastPass, and many more. But ultimately Google is trying to create this function directly in Chrome.

Google Chrome Password

This feature is under development, but it will boost the Chrome OS online security for sure. Whenever this feature will pass all the stages, it will be available on Chrome OS, Mac, Linux, Windows, and more. Google will only enable this feature when the users are creating a new password, or when the users are changing their passwords. This will be disabled at the time when you will log in to an already existing account.


Additionally, Google is also working on Passkeys. The Search Engine has already brief about this, previously this year. It is a sort of password-less way that uses biometrics and other different ways to abolish the password. At the moment, we don’t have further information about this feature, but we will keep you posted as we get more details about this.