Google Japan brings a new look to Android Gboard

Google Japan Android Gboard

Google Japan is bringing the new physical form factor for Android Gboard. The new keyboard will come with the name ‘Gboard bar’.

Gboard is equipped with everything that you love, speed, reliability, glide typing, voice typing, handwriting, and more.

The upcoming release will be entirely different in terms of looks. The keys are arranged in a straight line. The Google Japan Android Gboard bar occupies very little vertical desk space.

By attaching a bug removal module, you can quickly turn it into a bug-removal stick. The elongated shape of the Gboard makes it easily accessible under various circumstances.

Two people can work simultaneously on the keyboard, making the work complete fastly. The company recommends the bar for pair programming where two people face a single problem.

Specifications of Gboard bar:

The new keyboard is 1650 mm long and is wide enough for a cat to walk across. The layout of the keyboard has a 1D QWERTY array and a 1D ASCII code array. Also, it consists of a charging stand, a carrying case, and a USB cable that is 5m in length.

Check the YouTube video-

In addition to the Gboard bar, the video lists some more products such as the  Google Japanese Input drum set version, Input Morse version, Input patter version, Gboard physical handwriting version, Gboard spoon bending version, Gboard teacup version, etc.

(Source- 9to5Google)

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