Google Maps is now available for the Apple Watch on App Store

After the comeback announcement of the Google Maps for the Apple Watch users by Google last month, the app is now finally here for the Watch users with the latest update.

With Google Maps, you will get step-by-step directions and estimated arrival times. You will see your “Current trip” on the app’s primary screen, while you will see a list of “Travel times” below. It includes Home, Work, and other saved destinations.



You won’t be able to search for a new location from your Watch, but it will first open the phone app and then send back to you on the Watch. For guidance during navigation, the app uses haptics.

You will not see live maps in the app, unlike with Apple Maps. Google Maps for Apple Watch on the App Store is rolling out with version 5.52. If you’ve already got Google Maps on your phone, you should update the app to bring the feature back to your watch.

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