Google Meet adds Livestream feature on YouTube

Google is all set to add a new feature to its Google Meet app. This feature allows its users to live stream meetings on YouTube. The admin of the video call can activate this feature by just navigating to the activities panel and choosing a live streaming option.  According to reports, After this, Google users can choose their channel to start streaming the meeting they are holding.

Reports further revealed that this feature looks like it is another way Google is trying to expand Google Meet from other platforms. This feature is also available to Google as one premium plan member in various countries. If you wish to Livestream Google Meet sessions or meetings on YouTube, Firstly you have to file a request in advance to get your channel approved. The entire process may take a few hours or up to 24 hours to get accomplished.

Whereas, Google has made several changes this year in its Google Meet. Combined with Google Duo in a single hub for voice and video calls are two of them. This new feature will be rolled out in sections. The first step is rapid release, which had already rolled out on July 21, and the second section will be scheduled release, it will start on July 25 and will be applied for up to 15 days.

June 2021 

Google rolled out the update for meetings, especially for the teachers who were working from home at the time of the Pandemic. Google Meet launched the feature to stream events like school board meetings on YouTube. There were several improvements also rolled out, that includes a video lock feature, that permits the host of the meeting to turn off everyone’s video all at once or mute everyone.


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