Google Nest devices getting a new update that brings notification alerts and more

by RPRNA Group

Google started rolling out a new update to its Nest devices that brings notifications when a new device connects to your network and receive alerts in Google Home client.

These notifications are meant to tell that you only have to trust those devices that you have access to and which you are connected to.

To enable this follow the steps given below.

  • Open your Google Home app.
  • Click on the Settings present on the top-right side.
  • Click on Notifications and then tap on Nest Wi-Fi.
  • Here you can turn off or on New Device notifications.


Google is also improving network performance so when you’re connected to more than one device, so you don’t have congestion.

“we’re reducing network delays and improving network performance to help you avoid congestion when multiple devices are online.”

Google began rolling out Version 13099.94.9, but device alerts are not available on the Google Home app.

Here is the full changelog.

  • Notification in the Google Home App when a new device joins the network
  • Improved dynamic range of the slow internet optimizations
  • Stadia optimization on the upstream traffic
  • Improved DNS proxy performance
  • General security, stability, and performance improvements

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