Google News Following feed

Google News on Android picks customizable Following feed

Google News on Android is getting the 5.86 version update which brings the all-new customizable Following feed. This new feature is gradually rolling out for users across the globe and will touch iOS devices in the coming weeks.

Talking about the feature, the new Following feed in Google News will offer the latest updates from the topics, sources, and locations you select to follow. Earlier, the section used to align all the stuff you followed. But now, you can pick your favorites from three dedicated tabs as per your requirements.

Each section will show up three top stories with headlines, cover images, and the time when it was published. Ahead, a ‘Recently followed’ tab at the top lets you surf and browse if don’t want to scroll throughout the feed.

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Last but not least, you can follow/unfollow sources from the ‘Library’ tab. The new addition to the application follows a Material You redesign and comprises home screen widgets.

Google News Following feed


Google News on Android picks customizable Following feed

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