Google Photos Memories feature will soon come for Chrome while opening new tab

Google Photos features direct delete option and date/location indicator

Google has recently announced in its Search On the event that it is bringing the performance of its Google Lens smartphone to the Chrome desktop version. Google Lens is an application that helps identify things, and it is automatically installed on most Android phones.


In the “coming months,” Chrome will receive an update to install Lens-style Lens Search on Chrome. It’s no longer the old highlight, then right-click, and then “Search Google,” in a three-step process, simply use Lens to search the webpage.

In addition to reducing some common steps, this also allows you to search for highlighted content, such as photos or graphics, directly on Google. If you have ever tried to make up for the mysterious results sometimes received from the “Google Search Image” desktop, the performance of the new lens can do the job quickly and accurately.

Google also announced on Search On that it intends to introduce artificial intelligence. A model called MUM (Multitasking Unified Model) in the mobile version of Google Lens. With MUM, you can ask Google questions about any content you’re viewing or photos you just took. An example Google uses is when a mother finds socks that fit a specific shirt and pattern.

Google Lens was launched four years ago. With the advent of the built-in Google Goggles application, Lens can be used as an integrated function of the Google Assistant and camera applications and as a standalone application in the Google Play store.

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