Google plans to launch Pixel 6a smartphone in India

Google Pixel 6a updates

Google is in a mindset to launch the upcoming flagship smartphone Pixel 6a in India. After a long while, the US manufacturer has thought to revamp the Pixel handset distribution. According to the latest news, this could be the first-ever smartphone by Google in the respective nation in the past two years.


So far, the company has availed the Pixel 6 series (Pixel 6 and 6 Pro) in almost 12 regions across the world. For instance, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, the UK, and the US. As per the documentation released by Google, the next arriving Pixel device will roll out to the same region.

Google plans to launch Pixel 6a smartphone in India

However this time, Google has a perspective to initiate the Pixel 6a in India too. The latest information further suggests that the high-tech smartphone will take place in the second half of this year. Up to this point, Indian users had only the look of the Pixel 4a that came into the nation in 2020. Finally, the users will get the chance to enjoy the new Pixel handset with extreme features such as an IP67 rating, fast wired charging, all-day battery life, and 6GB/128GB memory.

Though the price tag for the company is not confirmed yet. But to give a tough competition, the company could take a step toward an affordable cost for the Pixel 6a in the Indian market.