Google provides clarification for last month’s app crashing issue

by Ashish

Last month many Android users have experienced multiple crashes for several applications. Now, almost a month after the incident Google has finally reported the issue and provided clarification for what happened and why this key Android system process brought the operating system to its knees.

The Google Workspace team said that application crashes happened due to a bug in the experimenting technology and customization of Chrome and WebView”.

“The fix required the distribution of updated binaries for Chrome and WebView, these new releases were made available for distribution via Google Play for automatic and manual updates,” the statement said.  The Webview was updated just after a day when the crash was reported and Google Chrome also updated right after that.

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Even though the problem was fixed, Google does not want to take any kind of risk. So, the company will “validate WebView and related applications for production readiness” while improving “experimental testability and deployment process”.

If the testing fails, the WebView will revert to “safe mode” or a known good state. As Google has assured, recent updates to Chrome and Android System WebView fix the app crashing issue. If some utilities on your device continue to crash or work unstable, you need to install service updates.


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