Google released a variety of AR applications, you can see scenery on another side of earth

by RPRNA Group

On April 7, Google released a series of new applications of WebXR that can see the scenery on the other side of the earth through the mobile phone, measure the volume of objects, and keep the distance from others.


 Google has released four AR applications: Floom, Measure Up, Sodar and Picturescape.

  • Floom is one of the most creative ones. The application is based on WebXR and Google Maps. When the user opens the application and points it at the ground.
  • The application will automatically display the corresponding scenery at the other end of the earth under the user’s feet, just like opening a hole.
  • Measure Up is a measurement tool that users can use to measure the length, area, volume, etc. of objects.
  • Sodar is an application developed in response to the current epidemic. It can display the range of two meters around the user in order to maintain a distance from other people.
  • Finally, Picturescape allows users to browse photos in Google Photos in AR mode.


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