Google services will soon be available by default on T-Mobile locked Android phones

Recently, T-Mobile announced plans to expand its collaboration with Google later this year, including installing Google Messages as the default rich messaging solution for millions of T-Mobile users with Android smartphones.

Google’s list of local services including Android Messages with RCS, YouTube TV, and Google One, default backup services for further support and sales for Google hardware such as Pixel.

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When it comes to Samsung phones and tablets on Galaxy devices use the pre-loaded Samsung messaging app. Additionally, international Galaxy S21 models accept Google messages, while US versions use the company’s own messaging app.

In a partnership between the two leading companies, Google and T-Mobile will work together to lay the groundwork for a more consistent and secure messaging experience around the world. A better Android messaging experience with messages will help T-Mobile users become some of the first people to enjoy that next-generation experience.

Additionally, T-Mobile uses Google One’s cloud storage as its default backup service for Android phones. Furthermore, the carrier already supports Google’s MVNO and Google Fi, and this new agreement does not change anything for Fi users.

T-Mobile plans to turn messaging into the default messaging experience on all Android devices, including support for Rich Communication Services (RCS) advanced messaging capabilities.

In addition to messages, all Android users on T-Mobile will continue to receive advanced chat features:

  • Sending and receiving better quality photos and videos
  • Chatting over Wi-Fi or data
  • Knowing when your message is read
  • Sharing reactions, and
  • Enjoying more dynamic and engaging group chats
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