Google showcases security of OS in ‘Protected by Android’ commercial

Recently, Google has launched a new commercial entitled ‘Protected by Android’ based on the security of OS. The US manufacturer kept on sweating always to strengthen the security and privacy terms on the mobile operating system. Thus, this commercial shows how the users’ privacy is well-protected by Android.


Google has posted a 50-seconds commercial video on the Android YouTube Channel displaying how the security of the users is being protected by Android. It further shows, how all the information of the consumers is safe and secure in the surroundings of the Android system. Besides, it prioritizes your information so that you can list the important stuff.

Google showcases security of OS in 'Protected by Android' commercial

Moreover, the commercial reads out some features of the Android followed by some narrations:

“From detecting and defeating bad apps to helping you control your personal information, you’re always in protection by Android. Whatever you’re up to, you’ve got peace of mind when you’re with Android.

  • Play Protect Verified: You’re safe from malware and harmful apps
  • Monthly security updates: Defends with the help of non-stop security
  • Location access permissions: And in control of your personal information

On the other hand, the US tech maker also grabbed the attention of the users towards the new settings page of the Android 13 Security & Privacy. It instructs the users about the safety measures that the latest software system will bring into its pockets.


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