Google Tensor 2 chipset is under development, likely for Pixel 7

Samsung 3rd gen Google Tensor

Recently, Google developed its own chipset, Google Tensor. A chip that can deliver totally new capabilities for Pixel users by keeping pace with the latest advancements in ML.

Meanwhile, a new report claims that the future Pixel phones, such as Google Pixel 7 will use Google’s Tensor second-generation tensor chip, Tensor 2.


Google Tensor

With the help of Samsung, the Tensor chip is optimized for the widespread use of Google’s machine learning, in some cases speeding up existing functions, or implementing functions that were not previously possible on mobile phones.

Google Tensor

Aside from this, while researching the apps included in Google Pixel 6, the APK Insight team found a new codename “Cloudripper” related to Pixel was mentioned. It believes that Cloudripper is not the codename of next year’s Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro, but the name of the baseboard or development board that shares hardware with these two phones. A similar code name appeared earlier this year, and Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are related to “Slider”.

According to the documents previously viewed, Cloudripper is connected to the second-generation Google Tensor chip, the model is “GS201”. Compared with the “GS101” in Pixel 6, this chip seems to be a whole new generation, which indicates that the number of models may increase by 100 every year. Mishaal Rahman also found this “GS201” in the newly released Android code modification.

Judging from the inclusion of Cloudripper in Pixel-related applications at this stage, it seems that Google is very likely to prepare for the use of this second-generation Google Tensor GS201 chip in next year’s flagship product Pixel 7. It is not clear what enhancements the GS201 chip has, because no hardware details have been found.

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