Google to fix the vulnerability of disabling AMP in search results on Apple iOS 15


According to the information, on iOS 15, iPad OS 15, if users use the Safari browser to perform a Google search, the AMP-type links in the results will be automatically blocked. This bug is not deliberate by Google or Apple, and it will not appear in the iOS 14 system or other browsers on iOS.


Google developer Danny Sullivan said on Twitter today that the disabling of AMP links in Google search results is a bug in the iOS 15 system. The team is working on this issue and it is expected to be fixed soon.

AMP is called “Accelerated Mobile Pages”, which is a function that accelerates the loading speed of mobile web pages. After this function is turned on, the page will be cached in advance to facilitate users to load immediately after clicking. However, not all users like this feature, because in some cases, certain features of the web page will be disabled.

If Google successfully fixes this bug in the iOS 15 system, some plug-ins of the Safari browser, such as Implosion, can convert AMP links into standard URLs.