Huawei ADS big data application expert chief joins NIO


As reported by Chinese media, the Huawei ADS (Autonomous Driving Solution)big data application expert chief – She Xiaoli joins NIO. Now, she will sever as an internal expert in the algorithm research department of the NIO group.

Over the past few months, several experts of Huawei Automotive BU have been left the company which can lead to some problems for the firm. In 2019, the company founder Ren Zhengfei personally issued an organizational change document and divided Huawei ADS into sub-divisions.

At that time, he established the smart driving product department, smart cockpit product department, smart connected product department, and smart electric product department. In addition, the field expert showed great support for the company, however, it doesn’t last long.

Huawei ADS big data chief

According to the info, Jiang Jun (head of maps and data), Zhang Xiaohong (director of smart driving product project group), and Peng Xueming (head of fusion sensing), and Zhang Xiaohong, (Huawei’s BU intelligent driving product group director) has been left the company to date.

About She Xiaoli:

She Xiaoli is one of the key talents of Huawei who joined the company as a Chief functional safety expert in 2017. She was mainly responsible for the design of the functional safety architecture of autonomous driving, achieving a balance of high availability and high safety.

Later she got promoted as chief big data application expert in Huawei ADS and manage cloud processing architecture, cloud value-added applications, and car-end data collection suitable for autonomous driving data characteristics. She was a graduate of Tsinghua University and completed her master’s and Ph.D. in communication and information.


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