Huawei Cloud Computer app used to run Windows in phones won’t serve after August 14

Huawei phone Windows 10

According to the latest info, the Huawei Cloud Computer app that was used to run Windows OS on smartphones will be permanently shut down from August 15, 2021. Huawei officially announced this closure of service excusing of business development strategy adjustment.

Furthermore, the data from the servers will be permanently deleted and the Huawei Cloud Computer has been removed from the Huawei App Market.

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The Huawei Cloud Computer was launched back in 2018, which allowed users to access the exclusive personal cloud computer on their mobile phones and tablets. Using this service, the users were able to run Windows 10 on their smartphones.

With the help of the Huawei Cloud Computer app, the users can have access to all the PC compatible software directly on their smartphones. Further, it supports Mobile Office, programming, game, and more.

Huawei phone Windows 10

As Windows 10 was supported on the mobile phone, it made the computer portable and easy to carry. However, this application was only supported on Huawei and some of the Honor devices.

This is what the Huawei Cloud Computer team has announced:

respected user:

Due to the adjustment of business development strategy, “Huawei Cloud Computer” will stop service and operation at 23:59 on August 15, 2021, Beijing time. You will not be able to log in and use it at that time and in the future. Prior to this, the valid package can still be connected and used. Please be sure to transfer all data in the cloud computer in time. After the service is stopped, your data will be permanently deleted and cannot be restored.

We recommend that you use the purchased package in time or unsubscribe before 23:59 on August 15, 2021. If you do not unsubscribe in time before the service is stopped, at 23:59 on August 15, 2021, for packages whose purchase time is within 1 year, we will arrange an automatic “unsubscribe” for you. The specific arrival time is based on your original payment channel. Whichever is the case, please check in time.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you by this suspension. Thank you for your continued company and support. Any questions please consult and deal with the online customer service in the App.

Huawei Cloud Computer Team


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