Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2021 set for October to bring HarmonyOS 3.0

HDC 2021

It’s time for us to watch the most anticipated Huawei event – the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2021 – together.  At the event, the company will showcase consumer-related software and services and will bring something interesting.

As per the information, Huawei will host the Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC 2021) from October 22 to October 24. At the event, Huawei will discuss the HarmonyOS ecosystem, HMS Core 6.0, and Whole House Intelligent Systems.

The arrival of Huawei HDC 2021 is quite interesting news, as we’re looking forward to the next version of HarmonyOS and what will it bring for the consumers. There are already many expectations and we cannot wait to see what’s ahead at the event.

HDC 2021

Huawei Developer Conference 2020:

Last year, at HDC 2020, Huawei unveiled the EMUI 11 based on Android 10.0 with new design characteristics and a number of distributed features. The software then began beta testing for a number of different Huawei devices.

However, HDC 2020 marks the arrival of HarmonyOS 2.0, which comes with new hardware platform support including – smartphones, tablets, wearables, IoT devices, home appliances, and smart car devices.

Aside from other platforms, the news of HarmonyOS 2.0 for mobiles has made a huge impact on consumers and made kept them excited. Later in December 2020, the company began HarmonyOS smartphone testing and successfully introduced it on smartphones by June 2.

HarmonyOS 3.0:

Similar to HDC 2020, it is expected that Huawei may launch the next version of the self-developed operating system – HarmonyOS 3.0 at the Huawei Developer Conference 2021. It may surely come up with new capabilities and functionalities, which improve the user experience.

HarmonyOS 2.0 90 million installations:

Thereafter, Huawei has installed HarmonyOS on 90 million devices to date and the number continues to grow rapidly. However, the limitation on HarmonyOS availability is a major concern among global users and it must have to be resolved by Huawei as soon as possible.

(Via: HC Newsroom)

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