Huawei Hubble invested in Wuqi Microelectronics becoming a major shareholder


Huawei established Hubble technologies as an independent firm to deepen its root in the mobile chip market. This Huawei subsidiary is fully focused on making investments in the semiconductor industry, including IC design, electronic design automation (EDA), and so on virtually covering every part of this market.

According to the recent info, Hubble has invested 4.06631 million yuan in Chongqing Wuqi Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Now, this Huawei-affiliated firm holds nearly about 8% share of Wuqi Microelectronics commanding as the fourth-largest shareholder.

In addition, Hubble Technology Investment recently had some commercial renovations. Now, the company’s registered capital rise from 2 billion Yuan to 4.5 billion Yuan recording an increase of nearly 125%.

Huawei Hubble Wuqi MicroelectronicsHuawei Hubble Wuqi Microelectronics

To be mention, the Huawei Hubble also invested in Hunan Dezhi New Materials Co., Ltd. registering an increase of 20%. It suggests that the company wants to explore SiC coated chips and heat resistance technology for an upcoming product.

About Wuqi Microelectronics:

Wuqi Microelectronics is a semiconductor and IC chip developer situated in Yubei, China. Founded in 2016, the company mainly provides system-on-chips with high integration, stable performance, and low power consumption, and a system-level chip, which has powerful functions.

The company mainly involves three markets of IoT, wired and wireless convergence, and device intelligence. Furthermore, its IoT solution includes AI, premium Wi-Fi, Bluetooth audio, electronic metering, electronic price tag, 3d face recognition, etc.

(Via- HuaweiCentral)

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