Huawei to soon launch HarmonyOS 3.0 version

HarmonyOS 3.0

HarmonyOS is bringing a new software era for Huawei consumers and continues to be the everyday headline. Huawei keeps recording the steady installations of this software on smartphones and there’s more record yet to achieve. Therefore, Huawei seemingly moving to introduce the next version – HarmonyOS 3.0 soon.

A well-known Huawei insider has reported that HarmonyOS 3.0 may launch very soon. However, the person didn’t reveal much of the information regarding the date or features that will come with this software version.

Despite its unannounced global appearance, HarmonyOS is quite popular among Chinese consumers. Although it’s a fact that global users also want to grab a seat in the HarmonyOS installation flight but still, there’s no possible way available at the moment.

HarmonyOS 3.0 Release:

For now, Huawei has not confirmed any such news through its official news or whatsoever. However, one thing is for certain that the next Huawei Developer Conference Together 2021 is set for October 24.

The event is scheduled to release and showcase information about consumer product-related software. Meanwhile, the agenda of this conference includes a discussion on HarmonyOS and Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

To be mentioned, the Chinese tech maker has not announced the HarmonyOS 3.0 especially on the HDC 2021 event announcement on the official website. However, the warm-up of this conference is yet to begin.

HarmonyOS 3.0

HarmonyOS operating system:

Announced at Huawei Developer Conference 2019, HarmonyOS is designed and developed to work across different devices on different platforms. This new operating system has a microkernel-based architecture that is empowered by the distributed capabilities framework.

At HDC 2020, the company announced HarmonyOS 2.0. This time, Huawei announced a bunch of new supported platforms including smartphones. This is a big improvement and a major addition to the Huawei software ecosystem that has been changed to step up from the Android ecosystem.

Thereafter, Huawei started testing HarmonyOS on smartphones by the end of last year. Following months of beta testing, this new operating system finally arrived as a stable version on smartphones on June 2, 2021. Since its release, Huawei smartphone owner in China continues to upgrade over the new HM OS and ramping up the number of upgrades in millions.

We’re awaiting what HarmonyOS 3.0 will bring for the consumers and will keep you posted on further developments.

(Via- HuaweiCentral)

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