Huawei Watch 3 will come with HarmonyOS UI to compete with Google’s WearOS

A well-known tipster rivals Huawei Watch3 will bring a new UI, and it is expected to see a newly upgraded flagship smartwatch: the Huawei Watch3 series as soon as around May.

Huawei Watch3 series will support the eSIM function and will utilize a special design language on the new UI of Harmony OS to make it different from the existing Watch GT series. The new Huawei Watch3 will support multi-terminal transfer tasks and support the addition of more third-party apps.


By looking at the functions, the new watch has a different sports model from the existing GT series, and the Watch series will put more emphasis on high-end and intelligence. Huawei Watch3 may be lower than GT’s in terms of battery life, but it is still competitive.

Huawei launched the Huawei smartwatch HUAWEI WATCH at the 2015 Mate8 conference, followed by the launch of the new Huawei smartwatch HUAWEI WATCH 2 in 2017, and then launched a number of GT series smartwatches. Watches, children’s watches, and Fit watches, but there has been no news of the new Watch 3.


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