Huawei will never give up overseas market


During the MWC 2022 event, Huawei’s current rating chairman – Guo Ping stated that the tech maker will take every possible step to ensure that Huawei consumers win from all edges. And Huawei will not quit a global market anyhow.


The chairman said that Huawei will not withdraw from the global market, the consumer who choose Huawei will get Huawei’s topmost support. The company will introduce implement strategy towards the global level to bring up standards, talents, and supply chain.

Later on, Huawei promised that the company will invest more to reshape basic requirements, architecture, and software that supports the industry. It’ll enhance mid to long-term competitiveness and ensure long-term sustainable development of the ICT industry.

Further, Ping said that the world is facing two new issues including Digitations and Carbon neutrality. These have far-reaching implications for the future of ICT technologies and the corresponding industries.

Therefore, Huawei will adopt the way to globalization to improve strategic investment in new technologies that support the company from the core and strive further.

He further emphasizes that the company is working closely with industry partners and new companies to increase strategic relationships. Future technologies such as next-gen MIMO, wireless AI, and others are researches that Huawei is conducting to provide exposure to new technologies.

Moreover, the new opportunities in the AI sector will have a vast effect in the industry that will bring a big benefit by establishing a whole new ecosystem to meet the rising demand for computing power that is yet to be explored.

Via – HuaweiCentral

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