Huawei’s car can obtain 1,000 kilometers of uninterrupted autonomous driving in city area

by RPRNA Group

on April 12, Huawei held the 18th Global Analyst Conference at its Shenzhen headquarters. Xu Zhijun, vice chairman and rotating chairman of Huawei, announced that smart car BU is an industry that Huawei focuses on, and it is a BU with the most complete functions.

Huawei has invested more than US$1 billion in smart car components this year, and it is an investment in R&D components. China has 30 million vehicles every year, and the future growth will be even greater.


Huawei does not need to do markets outside of China. Of course, Huawei hopes to be a global industry in any industry, not just the Chinese market.

Xu Zhijun stated that every component that Huawei now makes has been put into market use. During the Shanghai Auto Show, Huawei inside’s car will give everyone with an autonomous driving experience in the urban area.

“Our team is doing the best, and I certainly hope they do the best.  They told me that our car can achieve 1,000 kilometers of uninterrupted autonomous driving in the urban area, which is much better than Tesla. Up.”


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