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Huawei’s new method allows developers to easily change GMS to HMS applications

by RPRNA Group

 Huawei’s new phones can utilize Google Mobile Services, forcing it to come up with its own mobile service suite as an alternative. However, applications integrated with GMS will either not work properly or at all on these new Huawei devices.

Huawei declared the launch of an open-source solution called Choice SDK. This solution can basically turn existing GMS applications into HMS applications, saving time and resources for application developers.


As reported,  the solution currently supports functions like location, sign-in, analysis, maps, and messages. The original intention of Huawei to develop the Choice SDK was to help a bank application in Austria give services to Huawei device users.

But developer BlueSource added that Austria’s national television broadcaster, railway service, postal service, and a local transaction application all used this solution, bringing their applications to Huawei’s AppGallery.

This is a very interesting and ingenious way to solve the problem of the GMS application running on Huawei equipment. It should reduce the development work of the studio. This does not seem to be a one-click process, so there is still a certain degree of work to be done by developers.

Moreover, Huawei stated that, compared with the standard method of enabling HMS in applications, developers can use the tool to provide HMS support at twice the speed.


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