Huawei’s self-driving car video leaked, extreme fox Alpha S can be called an old driver on complex roads

Huawei Global Analyst Conference, at Huawei’s rotating chairman Xu Zhijun, said that Huawei will continue to increase investment in smart car software to realize the intelligence, automation, and electrification of the automotive industry.

Xu Zhijun emphasized that Huawei’s positioning in the automotive field is an incremental component supplier in the intelligent networked automotive field.


Xu Zhijun stated that Huawei’s decision not to build cars and to help car companies build good cars was a matter of years of discussion. This strategy has not changed so far. Huawei will select partners to empower car companies.

Huawei has currently cooperated with three partners to launch three brands of smart cars. First, BAIC New Energy has built the ARCFOX Polar Fox brand. Starting in the fourth quarter of this year, a series of vehicles will be launched on the market in the future.

The other is Chongqing Changan and Guangzhou Automobile. Moreover, the names of the two brands have not yet been determined. On April 15, a tipster leaked a video that claims to be Huawei’s driverless system. The video is a driverless demonstration of the Polar Fox Alpha S equipped with Huawei’s smart driving system.

It can be seen that in more complex road sections, Alpha S’s unmanned driving is smooth, natural, and mature. It is estimated that many old drivers will give their thumbs up.

Additionally, a tipster also revealed that Polar Fox Alpha S may have different versions, among which the high-end version supports Huawei HI smart car solutions and is equipped with Hongmeng OS smart cockpit.

The smart car products jointly launched by Huawei will carry the logo of Huawei inside, but not all models will use it, but only cars that use Huawei’s autonomous driving solution.


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