Intel plans to produce chips for automakers within six to nine months: CEO

by RPRNA Group

Intel, Samsung Electronics, TSMC, and others will attend, Intel CEO stated that it is in contact with automotive chip suppliers to start producing chips at Intel’s factory in the next 6 to 9 months to alleviate the shortage of chips.

The company stated last month that it would open factories to external customers for foundry production, and establish factories in the United States and Europe to counter the dominance of Asian chip makers like TSMC and Samsung Electronics.


Although Kissinger did not reveal the names of the suppliers of these components that will be produced, he declared that the production can be carried out at Intel’s factories in Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Israel, or Ireland.

‘We hope that several of these things can be alleviated. There is no requirement for three or four years of factory construction, and we may need to certify six months of new products in some of our existing processes, ” Kissinger said. “We have already started contact with some key component suppliers.’


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