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Intel surprisingly launched 10nm desktop processors, but you can’t buy them saperately

by Ashish

Intel has quietly added unique processors to its range. These are 10nm Tiger Lake desktop CPUs! But it’s not that simple. Here everything is very similar to the new desktop Rocket Lake, only at approximately the same frequencies and the same number of cores, the TDP is only 65 W, which is due to the 10-nanometer process technology versus 14 nm for Rocket Lake.

The problem is that the discussed new items are not aimed at the retail segment. These are exclusively processors for PC manufacturers, with BGA processors, that is, soldered on the board. Thus, there is simply no way to buy such a CPU separately and put it on some motherboard.

Simply put, monoblocks, mini-PCs, and other ready-made systems will be available on such processors. In fact, we have before us the same mobile Tiger Lake-H, only with an increased power limit and, as a result, increased frequencies.

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You also need to stipulate that the first information about them appeared three days ago, but it was confusing. The thing is that on the Intel Ark website, almost all new items were listed as mobile, and the only supposedly desktop CPU – Core i7-11700B – was listed as desktop only on the Intel Ark Chinese mirror, and in other countries where it was listed in the database, it was also assigned to the mobile segment.

Now, Intel has corrected the situation, and third-party sources have received confirmation from the company that these are indeed desktop solutions. For example, the upcoming NUC 11 Extreme mini gaming PCs may be based on these.

For what reason Intel decided to release 14-nanometer Rocket Lake processors to the retail desktop segment instead of such processors, it is still completely unclear.

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